Breeze Double Outdoor Hammock – Orange


Select these compatible products and save money when bought together with the main product


Nice wide and long hammock: TICK

Weatherproof fabric that doesn’t mind Irish rain: TICK

Cool colours: TICK

Made in Colombia by dudes: TICK

As you can see, this hammock ticks all the boxes. Brand new and very nice quality (check out the close up photos of the stitching and knotwork).  This premium hammock will give you little shivers of joy as you ease yourself into it’s welcoming folds.

Although it is a synthetic fabric, you wouldn’t guess it by feeling it, the cloth is soft yet durable. We think it’s going to be a bestseller.

As usual check out below for compatible stands and hanging solutions for this hammock.

Tech Details

Length: Hangs nicely at 3.5m
Width: 1.6m
Capacity: 160kg
Machine Washable: YES
Kid Friendly: YES
Material: 100% polypropolene

Compatible Products


Handy Stand 3.5m
Double adjustable stand
Compact A frame
Half a hammock stand (add carabiner)


The Complete Fixing Kit
Nautical rope with Carabiners Heavy Duty Wall Plate
Single Screw Hook
Wall Plate Hooks
Smart Rope