Colombian Double Hammock


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100% Colombian quality hammock, a beautifully finished hammock with traditional styling and a very classy fabric. Have a close look at the weave, particularly where the plait meets the fabric. Gorgeous and handmade in Colombia.

This Colombian hammock has several unique features that make it stand out from other south American hammocks. The plaits where the fabric meets the suspension strings is clever and attractive. The loops at the end of the hammock are also unusual, instead of being closed loops like on most hammocks these Colombian fellas like to leave them open.  We don’t know if it’s a better or worse system but it works well and is a nice quirk.

What really drew us to this hammock in the first place is the fabric, we think it’s a winner, pleasing on the eye from a distance and then you see intricate and exact patterns on closer examination. Have a look at the close up pictures and decide for yourself.

This is a premium quality hammock and when you see that the borders have a particularly tight weave to resist tears and improve the way the hammock hangs, an improvement in stability because of it.  It also has more suspension cords than you would expect for a hammock this size. This helps distribute weight evenly and therefore make it more comfortable.

As a cotton hammock it is machine washable and it’s easily big enough and strong enough for two of you.

Consider the following items for hanging it (all found in Hanging Solutions)…….

Nautical rope and carabiners. Perfect for hanging off trees, posts or anything you can get a rope around. Up to 5m of adjustment.

Tree straps with carabiners. Protect your trees from overenthusiastic kids swinging.

Have a look at the Hammock and Stand Sets page for a couple of options on suitable stands for this hammock.  Remember that at 3.5m long it will not fit on every stand on this website.

Please note rope or other fixings are not included with this hammock, please see Compatible Products for suitable solutions.

If you’ve got nothing better to do than watch people laying around in hammocks, then check out this video:



Tech Details

Width: 1.6m
Total Length: 3.5m
Lying area width: 2.3m
Capacity: 160kg
100% cotton lying surface
Required minimum distance to hang: 3.1m

Compatible Products


Handy Stand 3.5m
Double Adjustable stand
Half a hammock stand


Nautical rope with Carabiners
Heavy Duty Wall Plate
Single Screw Hook
Wall Plate Hooks
Tree Friendly Rope with Carabiners
Smart Rope