Metal Hanging Chair Stand


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Hanging chair stand. OK, so you have your hanging chair but no tree in the garden and the landlord’ll kill you if you put a hook in his ceiling.Check this yoke out……..a big strong hanging chair stand. You might just want to put that armchair on ebay and be suspended in the corner.

Made from powder coated tubular steel it can withstand the worst of an Irish summer without rusting. It’s large footprint means it will not easily tip over and yet through clever design it will flat pack quickly and simply without the use of tools.

The hanging chair stand is adjustable so will fit just about any hanging chair and can be easily lowered for kids or raised higher if you want to keep them out of it.

Please note that as with all hanging chair stands, this item is not designed as a swing support and excessive swinging can cause it to tip. A little gentle movement however is fine and really quite pleasant.

Tech Details

Height:2m - 2.4m



Weight: 24kg


Compatible Products

All Hanging Chairs.