Moonchair – Brand New but Discontinued Model – Orange


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Brand new Moonchair but the original model not this year’s version.


This Moonchair has foam padding under the arms and knees, the new version uses fabric to achieve the comfort.

This Moonchair has the footrest attached to the overhead bar, the new version has it connected to the carabiner at the highest point.

Otherwise all is pretty much the same, the same weatherproof parachute silk, the same webbing and stitching, size is the same and way of adjusting the angle of the seat is the same.

For a fuller description of the Moonchair see the current listing here.

Tech Details

Width of bar: 1m
Weight: 1.7kg
Capacity: 120kg
Weatherproof: YES
Machine washable: YES (untie the corners)
Kid Friendly: YES

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