My Big Fat Lovely Hammock – Red


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This item: My Big Fat Lovely Hammock - Red

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Yeah, we didn’t know you could spend this much on a hammock either. Mind you, have you seen the price of stuff recently, there are bicycles out there that cost more than cars. So, let’s move on from the money and talk about this supercharged hammock.

You’re looking at the pictures right? So you can see that its padded out like a high end sofa, this is definitely a good thing in several ways. It gives good support to your back and the attached pillow means that you have head support too, good for reading and chatting. It’s generous in it’s proportions, big enough to share or to really spread out on your own.

The fabric is a specialist hammock fabric (Agora) which makes it suitable for outdoor use, the fabric is really thick and water repellent, it has quick dry properties whilst also being exceptionally light resistant to slow down fading, has anti mildew coating and yet, is as soft as cotton. The covers are removable to be washed and to make life easier you can simply flip it over to use the other side, just reattach the pillow and away you go.

The drainage hole in the bottom with it’s stainless steel eyelet means that water will not pool in the hammock.

It is compatible with several of our stands or simply hang it off what is available with some of our Hanging Solutions for hammocks.

Tech Details

Length: 3.65m

Width at spreader bar: 1.4m

Length of lying surface: 2.37m

Width of lying surface: 1.46m

Capacity: 200kg

Weight: 14kg

Materials: Cover 100% solution dyed acrylic, Filling polypropylene/polyester

Machine washable: Covers YES

Kid Friendly: YES

Made in Poland

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