Californian Double Hammock


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This item: Californian Double Hammock

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 This’ll have a calming effect on you. German quality control inspired by Californian cruise control. We’re loving these tasteful, duck egg hues and neutral tones. Just what’s needed to let the stress and strain just drain away. What’s more this is a generous sized double hammock which means that, sure, you can share the hammock if you like, but more to the point why don’t you just stretch out a bit when you’re on your own.

This 100% cotton hammock has a good tight weave with strong suspension strings and a reinforced loop so it can happily take two adults.  It’s also machine washable and the right style of hammock for kids and the terminally unbalanced.

This hammocks comes as seen so you may like to consider some of our hanging solutions whether it be rope kits, hooks for walls or one of our free standing hammock stands.  Please see Compatible Products for suitable items that you know will work.



Tech Details

Width: 1.6m
Capacity: 160kg
Weatherproof: NO
Machine Washable: YES
Kid Friendly: YES
Material: 100% cotton

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