Sunrise Single Hammock – Blue


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If this doesn’t cheer you up we don’t know what will. Gloriously colourful hammocks to swing through the summer in.

Nice quality Hamatex weatherproof fabric with the look and feel of cotton but without the unsuitability to outdoor life that cotton has. We like the way the edges are reinforced and that the loops on the ends are good and strong. We appreciate that it’s a sensible length and will fit onto our more affordable stands.  And we LOVE the colours.

This is a good hammock for kids, it’s machine washable and hey, look at the price.  You can’t argue with that.

See Compatible Products below for suitable fixings etc.

To see it in action, watch this video:



Tech Details

Length: 3m
Width: 1.4m
Capacity: 120KG
Weatherproof:YES Machine
Kid Friendly: YES
Material: 100 % polypropylene (HamacTex®)

Compatible Products


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Double adjustable stand
Compact A frame
Half a hammock stand (add carabiner)


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