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If someone from Cork saw you in this hammock they would probably ask you if you were a bit fond of yourself. And to be fair, they’d probably be right.


This is a great big luscious thing with sumptuous folds of fabric and dangly frilly bits. At 4m long you can share it and still socially distance.

Have a look at the images of this hammock and you will get a feel for the level of detail and opulence in this hammock. It is a traditional macrame weave, handmade not machine and made from organic cotton (EU reg 834/2007). The fringes are hand woven by specialist crafts people in Brazil.

This hammock also has more suspension cords than most which means the weight is distributed more evenly and as a result the hammock is more comfortable.

For durability the selvage (edges) have double weft threads which reinforces the edges making them very resistant to tearing.

Brazillian hammocks are famous for having particularly soft and stretchy fabric and this organic cotton is just the job.

In short lads….this hammock is BOSS!

Tech Details

Overall length: 4m

Minimum hanging distance: 3.6m

Width: 1.8m

Lying surface length: 2.6m

Capacity: 200kg

Material: Organic cotton (EU reg 834/2007)

Weatherproof: Please respect this beautiful hammock

Kid friendly: Yes but no ice creams

Machine washable: YES at 30 degrees

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