Breeze Double Outdoor Hammock and Handy 3.5m Bundle

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Convenience and comfort is what this set is all about. We lumped together the bestselling Colombian Breeze hammock in the double size and the “life’s too short to spend it on assembling stuff” Handy Stand in the 3.5m size.

The Breeze is an outdoor hammock made from a hardwearing synthetic fabric designed to mimic cotton. It dries quicker and is less prone to fading than some hammocks. Good quality fabric loops at the ends, extra suspension strings for even weight distribution and reinforced edges for longer lifespan.  It’s a generous 1.6m wide and 3.5m long so if you do feel like sharing then at least you’ll have some elbow room.

The Handy stand is the 3.5m one in the middle of the three sizes, like all the Handy Stands it goes together and comes apart quicker and easier than any other stand we have seen. It is rated to a sturdy 160kg capacity and has a tough powder coated finish. However, like every other product we sell we recommend that you put the poor fella in the shed for the winter, because you live in Ireland like.

So, pick out the colour you like and we’ll zoom one over to you sharpish.

Tech Details

The Breeze Hammock

Length: Hangs nicely at 3.2m
Width: 1.6m
Capacity: 160kg
Machine Washable: YES
Kid Friendly: YES

Handy Stand

Material: 100% polypropoleneThe Handy Stand
Length: Adjustable from 3.4m to 3.8m
Width: 1.15m
Height: Adjustable from 1.05m to 1.22m
Capacity: 160kg
Weight: 18.5kg
Material: Powder coated steel, plastic feet.
Carton size: 120 x 22 x 22cm