Sale, Returns and Discontinued

Here you will find a bargain.

If an item is returned to us with a small fault we try not to throw it away but will repair it. When a product line or colour combination is discontinued, we discount it. If a product is returned to us as unwanted and the packaging is missing or damaged and if we used a product as a demo or to test it ourselves, then here it is…..cheaper!

Each listing will show you what the fault (if any) is so that you know what you are buying. Despite this you can still return the item for any reason within the first two weeks and if a fault develops which is unconnected to the fault highlighted then you are covered for a year on that.

A small company like Hammockology, selling good quality products doesn’t create that many returns so if you see something you like on this page…. nab it.

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  • Returned Double Adjustable Hammock Stand. A1 condition.

    SAVE 160.00
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  • Swing Nest

    SAVE 499.00
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  • Classic Striped Hammock & Adjustable Metal Stand Set – BIG REDUCTION, LIMITED STOCK

    SAVE 199.00
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  • Californian Smile Set

    SAVE 325.00
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  • Salsa and Wooden Stand Set

    SAVE 354.00
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Showing all 5 results