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Original price was: €599.00.Current price is: €499.00.
Original price was: €599.00.Current price is: €499.00.
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BRAND NEW PRODUCT with an introductory €100 off!

So, what do we have here then? You can see the images they sort of remind you of those contraptions they have in children’s playgrounds, you know the ones, all tensioned net bed with hard plastic bits suspended with chains. Well, that’s where the similarities end. This is Hammockology and we are all about the comfort and the style. This fantastic swing is brought to you by our German friends Amazonas who make the superb Globo range, there are a good few similarities, the beautiful curved wooden base made using a laminate technique with pressure treated and sustainably sourced timber provides a strong frame for the fabric which in turn supports the lush and plump pillow.

The pillows have removable and machine washable covers made from Agora, a purpose made fabric. This is what they say about it…

The  3 ropes suspending the nest have a pleasing old fashioned hemp look and feel whilst actually being fully synthetic and give the nest a reassuring capacity of 120kg. The ropes are also adjustable with a recommended height requirement of 2.25m (average ceiling height approx). The Swing Nest comes with a chunky carabiner connecting the top ends of the ropes but you will need something to attach to, for example, a ceiling hook or Tree Friendly Straps.

The pillow is not attached and therefore very easy to take off to keep dry and free of leaves, bird droppings and rain.

It passed the assembly for dopes test very well as it has only 4 small bolts, all identical with no chance of getting it wrong.  Familiarise yourself with the rope adjustment and you’re good to go.

Tech Details

Diameter of timber frame: 1.2m
Diameter of pillow: 1.4m
Minimum height: Around 1.8m
Maximum height using supplied rope: Around 3m
Fabric: 100 % solution dyed acrylic (light fastness 7/8)
Wood: Dip impregnated Scandinavian Spruce FSC certified. Laminate construction.
Metal parts: galvanized
Capacity: 120kg
Made in Poland

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