Kingsize Chair in Organic Cotton


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This item: Kingsize Chair in Organic Cotton

Only 4 left in stock

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Life just keeps getting better all the time doesn’t it? what you are looking at here my friends is a very fine hanging chair indeed. What’s so fancy about it?  Keep on reading…

Let’s get straight to it’s best feature.  It’s big! Big, as in 2.1m from head to toe and what that means is that you can get you feet up and that of course is the magic ingredient for comfort. You see, most hanging chairs are designed to be sat in like a normal chair where your legs dangle over the front but this beauty allows you to disappear into it. Also, it’s   actually very wide, 1.4m wide which means that your shoulders are not pinched and there’s a real feeling of space inside.  As a place to kick back and endlessly scroll your phone or watch the footie it’s hard to beat.  I personally did most of the World Cup from the Colombian Sunday Chair with the same dimensions, just class.

So, on the technical side here’s a few things to look at. Firstly, it’s made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton which is both soft to the touch and hard wearing. It has a FSC forestry managed bamboo bar (bamboo is both strong, rot resistant and unlikely to warp). The edges of the fabric (the  selvages) are reinforced to prevent fraying and it has a integrated stainless steel swivel, the point of the swivel is so that when you turn to face in a particular direction the twist on the rope doesn’t bring you back.

The multiple suspension strings distribute the weight evenly for extra comfort. Being cotton it is machine washable (put it in a pillowcase to stop the strings tangling).

It is compatible with some of our Hanging Chair Stands, see Compatible Products below and all of our Hanging Solutions for Chairs so is perfect for hanging from trees or ceilings.

One last thing to consider when buying this chair. Being a natural fibre it is less suited to being left outside all summer than the equivalent Colombian Sunday Chair which is synthetic, this doesn’t mean it will fall apart or turn to a mouldy mush if you do have it outside just respect it a bit. Irish weather, remember.

Tech Details

Seat width: 1.3m

Seat length: 2.1m

Total height: 1.7m

Length of spreader bar: 1.4m

Minimum required height: 2.2m

Capacity: 160kg

Fabric: 100% organic cotton. Spreader bar: bamboo

Weatherproof: Within reason

Kid friendly: YES

Machine washable: YES

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