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The Moonchair got a makeover!

We have sold so many of these wonderful chairs over the years that I dare say that some of you reading this have fond memories of them. Recently the boffins at Ticket to the Moon decided to improve this uber cool product. Here’s the stuff that stayed the same…

The fabric is the beautifully soft synthetic parachute silk that is use in all their products. It is tough and resistant to tears, being synthetic it dries quickly so you never find mould or mildew spots on it and it packs down really small and light (1.7kg).

The bars are aluminium so won’t rust and the rope is their nautical quality rope and is the strongest part of the chair.

It comes fully assembled in it’s own carry bag and a 2m length of rope is included tied in a clever way so you can easily hang it up.

So, to the improvements…

The foam padding is gone and in it’s place is some clever tailoring, there are now armrests which are very ergonomic and the fabric under the knees has been loosened off so it doesn’t dig into the back of your legs. The footrest is much bigger so the your whole feet can fit into it and it is tied to the very highest point so the rope doesn’t get in your way. The quick release carabiner at the apex of the chair now has an integrated swivel so that when you turn in a particular direction, you stay that way.

Anyway, these things are bling.  You’ll love it.

Tech Details

Width of bar: 1m
Weight: 1.7kg
Capacity: 120kg
Weatherproof: YES
Machine washable: YES (untie the corners)
Kid Friendly: YES

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