Cacoon Original – Double



It’s a bit bigger….and some would say better for it.

Here we have the perennial favourite, the product that can’t decide whether it’s a hammock or a tent, the original Cacoon double. This chap is made from a durable yet soft cotton/polyester mix with a rust proof aluminium ring.

At 1.8m diameter it happily accommodates two adults lying down watching the world go by.

It has a long length of rope with a carabiner for clipping it in to the loop at the top, which makes hanging it dead easy, there are also a couple of stands on this website that will allow you to hang your Cacoon wherever you like.

Tech Details

Height: 1.m
Diameter: 1.8m
Hanging requirements: Ideal 2.8m (headroom) / 2.5m (floor space) / Minimum 2.45m (headroom) / 1.9m (floor space)
Fabric: Cotton/polyester
Ring: Aluminium
Capacity: 200kg