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It’s spring Jim but not as we know it.

Here we are again, that time of the year where our optimistic little faces peer out at the garden and dream of the long hot summer ahead. As the cherry blossom trees give a cheery wave you can be grateful that someone planted them just the right distance apart for your trusty hammock. But wait! Someone chucked the poor hammock into a corner of the damp shed without drying it out and now it’s covered in mould and mildew. Aaahgrrrrrr 😡

Don’t panic friends, we have just the solution for you. Have a browse of our Garden Hammocks section, full of hammocks with weatherproof fabrics that dry quickly and are resistant to UV damage. Whilst you’re there treat yourself to some Tree Friendly Straps to make hanging your new hammock quick and easy and kind to the trees.

As usual on you will find a plethora of comfortable ways to hang loose. We have some superb new soft to the touch organic cotton hammocks in very attractive patterns. We also have an expanded range of stands for both hammocks and chairs. Everything you need for those lazy days ahead.

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We got de winter blues

Winter. Doncha just hate it? All roaring log fires, oversized knitted cardigans and muddy labradors, pah! Give me an unseasonal heatwave and a hammock in the shade to make me happy.

Anyway, not much we can do about it so unless you’re lucky enough to be jetting off out foreign somewhere (if so check out the world’s lightest travel hammock here) then we’ll just have to tough it out….but not so fast amigos, maybe we can get a bit of hammock time whilst the rain lashes the gaff and the garden frosts over. Carry on reading for some wintertime hammock solutions…

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Well, wadda ya know? Hammocks just got cheaper, loads cheaper and it’s not just hammocks it’s everything on the whole website. Most companies when they have a sale, discount heavily the gear they can’t shift and knock nothing at all off the stuff they know will sell anyway. We have a different way to do it, partially motivated by laziness we just slashed 20% off absolutely everything.

This means you can save a bundle if you’re quick and get exactly the hammock you want. Remember, it’s the end of the season and we have lower stock levels than earlier in the summer, so if you’ve had your eye on one of our gorgeous Globo chairs with a stand (usually €999) then pick it up now for €799 saving €200! Our bestselling Ticket to the Moon Original hammock is now just €52. Even accessories are discounted.

Like all sales (except Harvey Norman for some suspicious reason) this sale has an end date. It ENDS SEPTMEMBER 18th and of course some of our more popular products will sell out before then. To nick a catchphrase from another company addicted to shouting “SALE”, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Chillax for less swingers.

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Shiny New Updated Website

Congratulations… us! If you’re reading this then we must have done something right.

We are happy to greet you into the newest version of with all the added functionality and features that you’ve come to expect from the best of online shopping. We decided that because nowadays than more than half of our customers are visiting the website on their mobiles that we needed to build the website with that in mind. So if you are sitting on a bus, feet up on the couch or in a hammock outside your beach hut scrolling aimlessly then we hope the experience is a good one. For those of you still at your desk, well, we hope it works pretty well the old fashioned way too.

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