Tree Friendly Straps with Carabiners


A pair of specially designed hammock straps that protect against damage to trees, also includes 2 heavy duty carabiners for quick and secure mounting of the hammock. See product description for full details.

Tree Friendly Straps with Carabiners


At Hammockology we love trees. Well, where would we be without them, so we’re encouraging all our customers to be kind too.

We have combined Ticket to the Moon’s clever and well made Moonstraps with a pair of carabiners, big chunky ones that can fit into the loop at the ends of most hammocks (Ticket to the Moon hammocks don’t need carabiners as they have S hooks on the ends). This makes setting up, taking down or adjusting the hammock really simple and secure.

The straps are made from the same type of stuff as seatbelts, just a bit narrower, being a strap it won’t dig into the bark of the tree and damage it.The straps have one loop at one end and then a series of loops sewn into the other end for adjustment. Have a look at the video below to see how they work but it’s really intuitive and very secure.

Each strap is a massive 2.6m long which allows for long spans between trees or the ability to go around a wide trunk.

It is cheaper to buy these as a set than buying the Moonstraps and carabiners separately.

Tech Details


Length: 2.6m
Width: 2cm
Capacity: 300kg
Weight 216g (pair)


Length: 120mm
Width 10mm
Capacity: 450kg

Compatible Products

All hammocks with loops at the ends which is all hammocks on this website except for Ticket to the Moon hammocks.