Sleeve for Ticket to the Moon hammocks


Sleeve for Ticket to the Moon hammocksThese sleeves are designed for use with Ticket to the Moon hammocks. Once fitted to the hammock they pull down when the hammock is not in use to keep it clean, stop it billowing in the wind and stop the sun from fading the fabric.
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What a great way to keep the spiders/dog/toddler out of your hammock…….A protective sheath for your hammock

The hammock sleeve covers the full length of your hammock, slide it down for triple protection:

·      stop the wind from flapping your hammock around

·      keep insects and dirt out of your hammock, and moreover,

·      prevent degradation of material and fading of colours due to UV-light.

To use your hammock again, simply slide the sleeve up to one side, or store it in the attached pouch. The TTTM Hammock Sleeve can be retro-fitted to any Compact, Original and King Size Hammock.

Thinking of upgrading your older Single or Double hammock with a sleeve? This video shows how to install the hammock sleeve.

Tech Details

Product Features:

Open : 290 x 6 cm

Weight : 150 g

Material :High-grade parachute nylon

Machine washable

Compatible Products

Ticket to the Moon Original hammock

Ticket to the Moon Kingsize hammock