Sleeve for Ticket to the Moon hammocks


Bottle green sleeve
Charcoal grey sleeve


What a great way to keep the spiders/dog/toddler out of your hammock…….A protective sheath for your hammock

The hammock sleeve covers the full length of your hammock, slide it down for triple protection:

·      stop the wind from flapping your hammock around

·      keep insects and dirt out of your hammock, and moreover,

·      prevent degradation of material and fading of colours due to UV-light.

To use your hammock again, simply slide the sleeve up to one side, or store it in the attached pouch. The TTTM Hammock Sleeve can be retro-fitted to any Compact, Original and King Size Hammock.

Thinking of upgrading your older Single or Double hammock with a sleeve? This video shows how to install the hammock sleeve.

Tech Details

Product Features:

Open : 290 x 6 cm

Weight : 150 g

Material :High-grade parachute nylon

Machine washable

Compatible Products

Ticket to the Moon Original hammock

Ticket to the Moon Kingsize hammock