Ground Anchors for Hammock Stands


These large metal ground anchors will help keep your hammock stand from tipping over in windy conditions or if the stand is on a slope. Not designed as a way of stopping the hammock stand tipping over due to swinging as the arms could be damaged. See product listing for full details.


Why would anyone want to buy a couple of oversized tent pegs for their new hammock stand?

Why indeed…..but bear with me, I’ve been thinking about this one and after a fair bit of testing the product is for sale.

Why it may be a prudent purchase.

1/ If you live on a small island on the edge of the Atlantic the wind picks up now and again. A hammock can act like a big old sail and woosh over the cliff goes hammock and stand. Anchor it down.

2/ If your garden is on a bit of a slope then gravity is the enemy of stability. Anchor it down.

3/ If someone thinks it’s a good idea to get into the hammock from one end instead of the middle, you’ve got a YouTube fail moment. Or anchor it down.

Now, before you click “Add to Cart” read this….

A hammock is not a swing and a hammock on a stand will find it’s tipping point if the kids go a bit barmy in it. Please do not be tempted to solve this by anchoring the stand down. The forces involved with excessive swinging are beyond the design brief of the hammock stand and the arms of the stand could bend or even snap. This invalidates your warranty and is annoying and expensive. Let the kids swing when the hammock is tied between trees or to good quality wall hooks.

BTW you will need a large hammer to bang them in.  We recommend that you put anchors on opposing legs, each side of the centre bar and close to the middle. Look at the pictures and it’ll make sense.

Please note, not suitable for the Apollo wooden stand.

Tech Details

Length of anchor: 60cm

Diameter of bar: 16mm

Weight: 1.2kg each

Material: Steel with an oxide paint finish

Compatible Products

All hammock stands except Cacoon and Apollo wooden stands.

Hanging Chair stand

The Roman hanging chair stand