Half a Hammock Stand


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This has become one of our best selling products probably because there are lots of you out there with just one lonely tree in the garden. Made by us here in Cork where an inventive streak runs strong it’s the solution to a classic hammock conundrum. Tie one end of your hammock to your tree, post, bolt in the wall or whatever and this will sort the other end. Because it’s anchored into the ground it’s must be used on grass.

The post is made from locally sourced, sustainably managed timber, after being planed and sanded they are treated with wood preservative.

It is anchored into the ground by two 50cm steel anchors.

The two guy ropes are made from nautical quality polypropolene rope which are fitted with clever plastic cleats used on yachts so the rope can be tensioned quickly and easily to facilitate hanging the hammock at your preferred height or making small adjustments without removing the ground anchors.

The double eye bolt at the top of the post is specially made and very strong and the guys are already tied for you.

We include an overhead tensioning rope that adds stability and although it takes no strain when the hammock is occupied means that the hammock can be removed without the stand falling over and makes getting in and out easier.

We believe that because of the quality materials used in the making of this stand it is the best value on this website. We’ve tried to make it as foolproof as possible but naturally, instructions are included.

Some points:

Yes you can use one each end, it’s easier to put up with a second person but can still be done on your own.

It has to be set up on ground you can get the anchors into so the patio is not an option.

You will need a lump hammer or similar to bang the anchors in with.

If your hammock has a loop on the end (on this website all hammocks except the Ticket to the Moon  ones do) then you need to make a connection to the eyebolt. A carabiner is a good choice and you will find them in the Hanging Solutions section.

Rope or straps to attach your hammock to the tree are not included.

Instructions are included.

Tech Details

Height: 1.5m
Footprint: 1m x 1m x 1m approx
Capacity: 120kg when ropes are tensioned and anchors in solid ground
Weatherproof: YES
Kid friendly: YES

Compatible Products

All Hammockology Hammocks.

Please note that all hammocks except the parachute silk ones will require a carabiner or similar to connect the hammock to the eyebolt.