The Big Smile


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We have a new top dog in town. Introducing The Big Smile.  It’s the biggest, longest and strongest stand we have. Replacing the El Presidente from previous years the specifications are very similar. It will take all our hammocks without the merest hint of breaking sweat. Easily strong enough for two people.

A good bit longer and a bit stronger than the Smile this stand is made from fir and constructed from multi layers of bonded wood which gives it great strength and weatherproof qualities. All metal parts are either stainless steel or galvanised to stop rust.

This is the most suitable stand for many of or largest hammocks, the chain adjustment system means that a great many hammocks will fit it. Simple assembly with just a few bolts and 6 chunks of wood. It comes with instructions.

This stand will take just about all hammocks we’ve seen and uses the adjustable chain system for easy hanging. Please check dimensions for sizes and if ordering a hammock from Hammockology with this stand see that it is compatible.


Tech Details

Length: 4.16m

Maximum length of hammock 4m

internal length: 3.87m
Weight:29kg (comes in 1 box)
Capacity: 200kg

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