Double Adjustable Stand


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The big advantage with stands that are adjustable in two ways is that you have complete freedom to hang how you like.  Also by going up as well as out you can accommodate a longer hammock on the stand. Buy this stand and you can be secure in the knowledge that if you replace your hammock there’s every chance your new one will fit on it.

These stands are manufactured in Italy which is the same country they make Lamborghinis.

The stand is assembled without tools, there are instructions but you can probably work it out without them. The feet are rubber so it won’t slip about on a smooth surface and it’s strong enough for two average sized people if you don’t act like over excited teenagers.

Check out the wheel on the front making it really easy to move from sun to shade (or into the sitting room out of the rain)

Fast delivery on this stand.

Suitable for hammocks sized from 2.95m to 3.85m.

Tech Details

Length: 2.95m to 3.85m
Height: 95cm to 1.3m
Width: 1.2m
Weight: 19kg
Capacity: 120kg
Material: Powder coated steel.
Box size: 1.08m x 27cm x 13cm

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