Adjustable Metal Stand


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Adjustable Metal Stand…..NEW HARDER WEARING FINISH IN DARK GREY…. Great value for our bestselling frame. …..A hammock stand to fit nearly all hammocks. By adjusting the stands middle section this robust frame can accommodate different hammocks and different heights according to how high you want to hang.

Made from quality steel and powder coated to weatherproof it, these stands come with a good wide span and rubber feet to stop it tipping easily. Assembly is with 2 small spanners (supplied) and takes minutes with no technical knowhow. Adjusting the length is simplicity itself and is done by hand in seconds.

Please be aware that this stand is not suitable for the longer hammocks. Check dimensions if ordering in conjunction with another hammock or for your own hammock.

Nearly always kept in stock for super quick delivery.

Tech Details

Length: 2.7m to 3.3m
Height: 1.1m
Width: 1.05m
Weight capacity: a hefty 120kg

Compatible Products

Classic Striped in Red or Blue
Brazilian with Spreaders
Does take Parachute Silk Single, Double or Kingsize but not as well as The Double Adjustable Stand