Handy Stand 3.5m

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The features:

No tools. Just plug in the tubes to each other. The assembly is so simple you can (just like me) not even bother looking at the instructions.

Strong. Effortlessly will take 160kg. That’s 2 normal size adults to you and me.

Powder coated steel finish. Durable and nice looking.

Packs down small. Very handy if you want to throw it in the car or don’t want the thing taking up half the shed. The longest length is only 1.2m.

Adjustable. Will rapidly change from being 3.4m up to 3.8m.

Please remember to match the stand to the hammock. So if you already own a hammock lie it out on the floor not quite taut and measure it from end to end.  If you’re not sure of which of our hammocks to go for see “Compatible Products” to make sure you get it right.

Tech Details

Length: Adjustable from 3.4m to 3.8m

Width: 1.15m

Height: Adjustable from 1.05m to 1.22m

Capacity: 160kg

Weight: 18.5kg

Material: Powder coated steel, plastic feet.

Carton size: 120 x 22 x 22cm

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