Larger Traditional Cotton Hammock


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This item: Larger Traditional Cotton Hammock

Only 4 left in stock

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Made in Brazil, this cotton hammock is that bit longer and a bit wider than most cotton hammocks.

The extra length and width give you space to spread out. Never a bad thing in a hammock. We hope you like the new colours in this traditional style hammock as much as we do.

This is a very well made hammock and the manufactures guarantee it to a hefty 200kg. No worries there then.

Rope is not supplied with this hammock, use something from the Compatible Products list or some old length of blue rope you found in the back of the garage.



Tech Details

Overall length: 3.4m
Hangs nicely at 2.9m when ends are 1.8m from ground
Width: 1.5m
Capacity: 200kg
Weatherproof: Not as much as some
Machine Washable: YES
Kid Friendly: YES

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