Carabiner Rope Kit: 2 lengths


A quick and easy way to hang a hammock with loops on the ends from trees or poles. 2 lengths of rope each 2m long and 2 carabiners for easy adjustment and attaching. Capacity 200kg. See product listing for full details.

Carabiner Rope Kit: 2 lengths


What we have for you here is the same Nautical Quality Rope as you get with the Parachute Silk Hammocks but with 2 carabiners. This means it is suitable for all other hammocks as unlike the parachute hammocks which have a S hook on the end, most hammocks have a reinforced loop. The carabiner (or snap hook if you like) makes the connection.

So, same easy system for hitching to the post or tree, no fiddly knots, adjustable and secure and now suitable for all hammocks.

You get 2 lengths of 2m long. 6mm 8 ply polypropylene rope with a breaking strain well in excess of 600kg. Along with 2 x 120mm stainless steel carabiners, that all comes in a neat little bag with the instructions printed on the front.


Tech Details

2m long each length

6mm twin core, 8 ply polypropolene rope (600kg capacity)

2 lengths + 2 x Carabiners (450kg capacity)

Compatible Products

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