Compact A frame


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Made by Amazonas this clever design allows the A frame to be halved in length, making storing or travelling with it a much easier proposal.

The age old problem of hanging a hammock when you only have one hanging point (tree, post, wall hook or washing line pole etc) is overcome with this robust A frame.

A similar idea to Hammockology’s own Half a Hammock Stand except there are two sticks and one ground anchor. The sticks are in two pieces so the A frame can be taken apart for travelling with or for storing.

Made from ash, they are strong and will not easily rot. All metal parts are galvanised or zinc coated. The metal peg for the ground anchor more than up for the job. They wouldn’t let you through airport security with it.

Only one small nut to tighten when you origainally unpack it, for normal use you will need no special tools other than a mallet to bash the anchor into the ground. Instructions included.

Tech Details

Weight: 4kg
Length when assembled:1.6m
Capacity: 100kg

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