A nice traditional looking rope system with easy adjustment. Sold individually, each length is 3.2m with a capacity of 120kg. See product listing for full details.

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Good quality rope with an easy adjustment system. We know you don’t want to be lying there wondering if the rope you found in the back of the garage had been chewed by mice or if the bowline you tied is actually a slipknot. So here we are chaps, a nice simple, robust rope set up that means you can get on with ignoring whatever it was you were meant to be doing this fine sunny Sunday.

Quality weatherproof rope with a zinc coated carabiner means it can live on the tree all summer whilst the hammock gets taken inside. A generous 3.2m (over 10ft) gives you a fair bit of leeway with your hanging.

Sold individually. Use 1 for hanging chairs and 2 for hammocks.

Tech Details

Length: 3.2m
Weight: .6kg
Capacity: 120kg

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