Ceiling Hook for Wooden Joists



It’s small, it’s simple and it’s cheap. How to hang a chair from a ceiling joist or any other wooden part of your house. Drill a 10mm hole and screw it in. Er, that’s it. Click on photo for more info.

Please note that whilst this ceiling hook is quite strong enough to take your weight, it must be fixed well into a beam or joist that is also up for the job. When fixing into a hidden joist, eg, one covered with plasterboard as in most modern houses, care should be taken to ensure the hook is centred in the joist. If in doubt get a mate who’s a bit handy to do the job for you.

This hook is a special shape to prevent the rope on a chair from jumping or slipping off and has a plastic bushing for nice quiet swinging.

Tech Details

Overall Length: 18cm

Length of shaft from tip to eye 10cm


Capacity: 120kg

Diameter: 12mm

Compatible Products

All Hanging Chairs