Tree Friendly Chair Hanging Kit


Be nice to our leafy friends and protect the bark with this strap kit. Consists of one length (2.5m) of tree friendly strap with one loop at one ebnd and multiple loops at the other to allow for height adjustment. Comes with a carabiner for quick attachment.

Tree Friendly Chair Hanging Kit


All we are saying, is give trees a chance.

At Hammockology we’re all a bunch of old tree huggers at heart, so we came up with this accessory. And since you clicked on this listing then maybe you care too.

Also guys, it works really well. It’s soooo simple to set up, you have options in the way you do it and you’ll always get it undone afterwards.

Whilst a rope can potentially rub into the bark of a tree branch the webbing on the Tree Friendly strap won’t do that, it is made from a similar material to a seatbelt and has loops sewn into it. You simply pass one end through the last loop and tighten then clip the supplied carabiner into whichever loop you need for the correct height for your chair.

If it is too long then you simply wrap it around the branch a few times so it’s neat.

It’s extremely strong, rated to 350kg and has 9 loops along it’s 2.6m length.

It’s a great new product. Ropes don’t stand a chance.

Tech Details

Length: 2.6m

Webbing width: 2cm

Number of loops: 9

Material: 100% polyester

Capacity: 350kg

Weatherproof: YES

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