Small but strong magnet.



Eh? Why is Hammockology selling magnets?

This is so clever i wish I’d thought of it myself (actual credit goes to some dude on YouTube). When fixing a hook into a ceiling for hanging your chair, as often as not you have a problem. If like most houses your ceiling is made up of regularly spaced joists covered with plasterboard and skimmed with plaster to a smooth finish, you will find it difficult to locate the wooden joists. And since it is imperative that the hook is centred into one of these joists (you really don’t want to trust the plasterboard) you will need a hack. This magnet is that hack.

Here’s how you do it.

Firstly, you want to know which way the joists run. In a rectangular room it’s a good bet that the joists run across the shortest span, we also know that standard spacing for joists is 400mm or 16 inches if it’s an older house.

So, pick out the general area on the ceiling that you want to place the hook, take your magnet and run it over the plasterboard until……..clunk! It stops.  Congratulations, you have found a screw or nail and therefore the centre of a joist. Make a little tiny mark with a pencil.

Next, run the magnet in a straight line in the direction you believe the joist is running, sooner or later you will find another screw. All you have to do now is draw an accurate straight line between the two screws and you know that when you drill a hole anywhere along that line it will be in the centre of the joist.  Drill a small pilot hole (2-3mm) to check that you are drilling into the wood and not just plasterboard  and away you go. You are a genius.

Things to bear in mind.

This is not your average magnet, it’s really powerful, we found that normal magnets failed to find the hidden screws but these ones just jump to them. This means DO NOT put it in your pocket next to your phone or credit cards, you may regret it.

Hammockology will not take responsibility if things don’t work out as planned for you, in other words, if you end up in a tangled mess on the floor with a plasterboard hat, it isn’t our fault. If you are in any doubt at all about installing a hook get a competent trades person to do it.

At some point we will make a How To video of the above technique and post it here, in the meantime I hope the above helps.

Good luck.

Tech Details

N45 Neodym Disc Magnet - NiCuNi

Dimensions: 12mm x 12mm

Weight: a couple of grams

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