Hanging Chair Kit for Ceilings with Free Magnet



Free magnet with every kit whilst stocks last. See Magnet listing for instructions.

We think we have a better way to hang your chair from a ceiling. Using a clever Line-Lok system for getting the height just right means that quick adjustment is simple. really good if you want to be able to change the height of the chair for the kids say. Everything is pre-assembled and tied so all you need to do is drill a hole and clip the chair in place.

We use the same 6mm 8 ply polypropylene dual core rope that’s used with many of our hammocks and chairs, we then attach a Line lock cleat so the rope can be shortened easily.  Next we attach the carabiner so you can just clip onto the chair and lastly we make the connection to the ceiling hook. The ceiling hook is a special shape so the rope cannot easily jump off and it has a plastic bushing to allow for nice silent swinging.

All you do is drill a 10mm hole for the ceiling hook into a suitable joist. This is the part where you have to pay attention. If the joist is hidden like in most houses behind plasterboard you must be sure that you have centred the hook into the joist and got a good fix.  If in doubt get someone who’s a bit handy to do this for you.

The kit comes with about 1.5m of usable and adjustable rope. This is normally enough for most ceilings. If you live in a castle let us know and we’ll make up a kit with longer rope for you.

The ceiling hook is designed for fixing into timber joists. Not suitable for concrete ceilings.

Tech Details

Kit includes:

Ceiling hook

Overall Length: 18cm

Length of shaft from tip to eye 10cm


Capacity: 100kg
Diameter: 12mm

1.6m nautical quality rope
Adjustable LineLok cleat
Capacity: 100kg

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