MultiSpot hanging Chair Kit


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I wish I was as clever as the hammock boffin who invented this contraption. There’s always a feeling of nervousness the first time you sit in a hanging chair suspended from the ceiling. Sitting on the floor in a tangle of ropes and fabric with a chunk of plasterboard as a hat is not the cool look you were hoping for.

No panic like. Here come the Germans with a technical solution for non technical types. I’m not going to try to explain it in detail here, look at the pictures and you’ll get a good idea of how it works.

It is suitable for hidden timber joists and concrete ceilings. It’s fully adjustable with 3m of rope and everything is in the pack. Download the instructions if you want some details.

BTW, I found a clever way to find hidden joists through plasterboard so that you know how to centre the hanger in the middle of the joist/rafter.  Check out this video it’s a neat trick.

Tech Details

Material: Hook: Polyamide (glass fiber reinforced) | Rope: 100% polyester

Rope length: 3m (Diameter 7mm)

Capacity: 160kg

Made in Germany

Compatible Products

Compatible with all our hanging chairs and Cacoons.