Hanging Chair Kit for Wooden Joists with Slitrope


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This item: Hanging Chair Kit for Wooden Joists with Slitrope
Original price was: €14.00.Current price is: €12.60.
Original price was: €14.00.Current price is: €12.60.



Well it took a while but we finally sourced some of this amazing Slitrope. We think this is the absolute best and most foolproof way to have an adjustable system for hanging chairs which is both simple and secure. By combining our very well tested and robust ceiling hooks with a carabiner and the new rope we’ve managed to keep the cost right down and it even looks good.

This kit is designed for use with wooden joists, if you want to hang your chair from a tree then use our Tree Friendly Hanging Kit for Chairs and if you want to hang from a concrete ceiling use our Hanging Chair Swivel Hook

Now. Pay a little attention here. Not all ceilings are created equal, some are twice the height of others. Most modern houses have a standard ceiling height of 8ft (2.4m) and most adult hanging chairs will hang at the right height from the floor (about 50cm) when the ring or loop is around 2m from the ground.

We don’t want to make you pay for a long length of rope that you don’t need and besides it looks ugly when there is too much surplus.

So, the standard length of Slitrope that we include with the kit is around 30cm long. But if you have a tall ceiling or you are hanging a none standard chair like the Globo or a kid’s chair which is smaller then you will need more rope. If you’ve got smarts you will measure your ceiling and check the optimum hanging height for the chair. Then you can choose an upgrade length for the rope.

Tech Details

Overall Length: 18cm

Length of shaft from tip to eye 10cm


Capacity: 120kg

Diameter: 12mm

Carabiner capacity 250kg
Slitrope capacity 120kg