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Would you like to buy something really cool? Here we are then. A Globo. It’s sort of like a hanging chair from……..well, we don’t know but it’s brilliant. Made by our German mates Amazonas it can be hung from a tree, pergola or just from the ceiling inside.

The wooden construction of the Globo is suitable for indoor or out. The frame is made from strips of Scandanavian spruce glued together to make the round shape. This laminate process gives the structure really good strength and reduces the chances of woodworm. All the timber has been dip impregnated with wood preservative and all metal parts are either stainless steel or zinc coated.

There’s a little assembly involved but it’s pretty straightforward stuff and everything you need for the job is in the box.

The chair comes with a spring and swivel attached to the top, if you have your own rope or chain that’s great otherwise we suggest the Smartrope and Chain with a hook systems for trees or the Hanging Chair ceiling hook with swivel for concrete ceilings or the Ceiling hook for wooden joists.

See also this chair with it’s own stand below.

Tech Details

Size: 121 x 118 x 69 cm
Weight: 20kg
Capacity: 120kg

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Globo Weatherproof cover


Globo with stand