Egg Chair with Stand




Due to popular demand we introduce to you… a rather nice version of an Egg Chair.

This iconic piece of furniture will look great on the patio of any aspiring contestant of Home of the Year or just be a nice place to hang loose.

We think this version, from our friends in the Netherlands, is a good mix of quality and price. We’ve seen them cheaper and we’ve seen them for a lot more but reckon this is the Goldilocks one. We really like the moveable pillow that you can place at just the right height.

The fabric is designed for outdoor use and the webbing across the back gives it a flexible forgiving feel whilst it’s sturdy 4 leg construction gives it stability and a capacity of 115kg.

The chair can be removed from the stand (which folds flat for storage) and hung from a beam or branch of a tree if you get the urge.

An egg isn’t just for Easter.

A quick word on shipping. Delivery is free but can take a little longer than other products as we sometimes have to get them sent direct to you from Holland.

Tech Details

Height: 1.91m

Weight: 22.7kg

Capacity: 115kg

Length: 1.26m

Width: 1.26m

Material: 70% polyester 30% steel

Weatherproof: YES

Kid friendly: YES

Machine washable: YES