Basic Organic Cotton Chair with Metal Stand Bundle – Blue

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Basic sounds like it’s going to be a no frills, take what you’re given type gizmo but oh, you’d be so wrong. The fact that it’s from our premium hammock suppliers, the superb La Siesta in Germany means that even their entry level products are better than most you’ll see. Basically, basic just means it’s not as big as some of their other chairs but that doesn’t mean it’s small it’s just a bit more compact. It’s fine for average sized adults.

The good quality certified organic cotton fabric feels lovely to the touch and can also be removed from the bar for machine washing. The overhead bar is made from super strong bamboo and there is an integrated swivel at the top.

Likewise, the Metal Chair Stand is a well designed, functional stand that isn’t as fancy as some but still does the job perfectly well. It’s our best selling hanging chair stand. The finish is a tough powder coating and assembly requires no tools. Height can be adjusted to suit.

Tech Details


Width of bar: 90cm

Length of lying surface: 140cm

Width of lying surface: 105cm

Height from swivel to lowest point of fabric: 145cm

Minimum height of ceiling/branch: 200cm

Capacity: 130kg

Fabric: GOTS Certified organic cotton

Spreader bar: FSC certified bamboo

Made in Colombia


Height:2m - 2.4m



Weight: 24kg