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What a clever and original product this is. Hanging chair stands are usually really tall and have a big footprint to stop them falling over. But this fella, well, you get all the comfort of a hanging chair in a compact space, it’s light and easy to move and actually is really quite stable.

Now, wait till I tell ya, these are the bits that really impressed us when we set one up for the first time. The quality is excellent throughout, the chair itself is made from GOTS certified organic cotton which is both soft and hardwearing. It’s generous in size, enough that most people will be able to get their feet up for that extra comfort, the extra suspension strings help share the load evenly and the loops are handtied by real artisans.

The stand also gives us reasons to be happy. It’s made from sustainably sources FSC certified eucalyptus wood formed with a laminate procedure for added strength and treated for protection. Unusually for hammock stands all the metal parts are made from stainless steel which although more expensive to produce last far longer and won’t rust for a long time. Having said all this, our normal advise of recommending you put it in a shed or indoors for the winter still stands. We actually think that may of you will use this chair set indoors but it’s nice to know it won’t fall apart in the first shower if taken outdoors.

If you, our beloved customers do take this cracking set to heart then we will be introducing more colours and chairs made from synthetic material more suited to being left out. If you can’t wait get in touch as they can be ordered specially just with a slightly higher delivery charge.

Tech Details

Width: 1.15m
Length head to toe: 1.8m
Fabric: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Capacity: 130kg
Made in Colombia

Width: 92cm
Depth: 1m
Height: Adjustable from 1.52m to 1.63m
Made from FSC certified eucalyptus wood
Capacity 130kg