Colombian Sunday Chair. Kingsize


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This item: Colombian Sunday Chair. Kingsize
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Did you just have a read about the Comfort size one of these first? Anyway, doesn’t matter, I’ll go over it again for you. What you really need to know about this hanging chair is that it is BIG. It’s wide and it’s long, so long in fact that you can lie in it like a hammock.┬áIt’s 2.1m (that’s 6’11” for you eurosceptics) and that means it’s longer than you.

As well as that it’s wide which gives you plenty of elbow room, basically lads it’s just a super chair. Currently it’s the biggest one we sell and I can see this being a bestseller because of it.

The fabric is 100% synthetic so it’s a good outdoor product, machine washable and fast drying. There’s an integral swivel which means when you turn to face in a direction, you stay facing that way without twisting back.

There’s also a range of suitable stands and solutions for hanging off ceilings or trees. Have a look at the Compatible products tab below.

Tech Details

Seat width: 1.3m

Seat length: 2.1m

Total height: 1.7m

Length of spreader bar: 1.4m

Minimum required height: 2.2m

Capacity: 160kg

Fabric: polypropolene. Spreader bar: bamboo

Weatherproof: YES

Kid friendly: YES

Machine washable: YES

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