Wall Mounted Chair Stand


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Wall mounted chair stand. Another solution for the tricky matter of how to hang a hanging chair. This stands takes up far less room than normal hanging chair stands by way of being anchored to the wall. Those clever German engineers are showing off again but we like this product. Large item. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Suitable for balconies, terraces and living rooms this well constructed stand is made from tubular steel and is powder coated to give it even better weatherproofing. It’s an excellent space saving stand, and is a very good option if you don’t want to hang your chair from the ceiling.

The stand is height adjustable and assembly straightforward. The only tool you will need is a drill to make the hole for the supplied bolt to anchor it to the wall. The rest of the unit is simply put together by hand.

Comes in charcoal grey only.

Tech Details

Height (adjustable): 2.25 to 2.5m
Width (along wall): 1m
Depth (out from wall): 60cm
Weight: 13.5kg
Capacity: 120kg

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