Brakit – DIY stand for Cacoon and all Hanging Chairs.


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This is a clever solution and it might just suit you perfectly.

So, straight away you need to know this. Not everything is included in the box. What you get is all the metal bits and fixings, the timber you get from your local builders providers or timber merchants. The reason for this is that none of the Irish couriers will deliver lengths of wood 3m long (that’s the length you need for the Cacoons and similar for most hanging chairs) but treated wooden posts are pretty inexpensive and readily available.

There’s a bit of technical stuff coming up so pay attention. The instructions in the box aren’t that clear so you’ll learn more here because on the continent they have slightly different size timbers as standard compared to Ireland. The size of the square on the feet and top piece is 90mm x 90mm.

For reasons only known to the building trade in Ireland when you buy timber it’s never quite the dimensions you expect so for example, a 100mm x 100mm (4″x4″) post will actually measure about 95mm x 95mm from most yards, on this occasion it’s a good thing as there’s less wood to remove to slide it into the feet and top and still get a snug fit.

You only need to remove wood from the top and bottom 16cm of the posts and only from one edge. You could use a plane, handsaw, table saw or even a sander with a rough paper to get 5mm removed. It’s not a big job and you only need to do it once.

You might decide to sand down the whole posts and stain or oil them to give them a nicer appearance.

There are fixings in the box to attach the posts to the metal pieces and extra fittings for if you would like anchor the feet to concrete. It seems pretty stable to us without but they are there if you need them. Once anchored to the ground (use pegs if on grass) this stand would be the strongest and most stable we sell.

Tech Details

Kit comprises of:

1 x top piece
3 x feet
2 x S hooks
1 x short length of chain
Screws for attaching the timber
Bolts for anchoring the structure

You will need:

3 x 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4" ) wooden posts or 90mm x 90mm if being cut to order. All at 3m long.
Treated timber is preferable if the structure will be outside.

Compatible Products

All Cacoons and all hanging chairs on this website