The Calm Down Wooden Chair Stand



Don’t you just love it when stuff gets cheaper? From our good friends at La Siesta comes a new version of their wooden hanging chair stand and for once the clever designers have managed to make something similar which is both more universal (nearly all hanging chairs fit on it) and costing less. So we have passed the savings on to you.

It’s made from sustainably managed and certified Siberian larch, which is a timber often used for cladding and other outdoor uses as it doesn’t rot as fast as most woods.  It is constructed using a lamination and waterproofing method that gives it both strength and better resistance to the elements.

The system for attaching and taking down the chair is both quick and secure whilst adjusting the height is quite straightforward.

And did we mention that it’s strong? Yep, they reckon it’s good for 160kg. That’s what we like to hear.

Tech Details

Overall height: 2.2m

Width: 1.15m

Depth: 1.3m

Capacity: 160kg

Weight: 25kg

Material: FSC certified Siberian Larch

Compatible Products

All hanging chairs on this website EXCEPT Globo and Cacoon.