Arcada – The Safest Chair Stand


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NEW IN 2024

This new stand from our friends at La Siesta is going to go down very well with some of you out there. It’s a hanging chair stand with some clever safety features that make it much harder to tip over. It will also take pretty much every hanging chair that we sell from the fun Crow’s Nest for kids right up to the giant Colombian Sunday Kingsize chair.

It has reasonably large footprint of around 1.5m in each direction for stability, it’s overall height is 2.21m which means that it will fit in a standard height room (2.4m or 8ft) and is adjustable using it’s own clever hanging system. The capacity of 160kg really means there are few restrictions on it’s use.

Also featured is a removable safety net which prevents overswing. We think this net is going to be of great use when the stand is used in conjunction with a chair for therapeutic reasons. We think this is the ideal stand for sensory rooms and for use by kids on the spectrum who can really benefit from the calming effects of swinging gently in a hammock or chair.

Assembly is straightforward and requires only the tools in the box. The stand weighs 27kg so can be easily moved into different positions, possibly outside for the summer and indoors for the rest of the year.

Anyway, we think it’s a dinger and it might just be the right stand for you.

Tech Details

Height: 2.21m
Width: 1.51m
Depth: 1.55m
Capacity: 160kg
Material: Galvanized steel
Made in China
Weight: 27kg

Compatible Products

All hanging chairs on this website except Cacoons.