Colombian Sunday Chair. Comfort size


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This item: Colombian Sunday Chair. Comfort size
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Original price was: €16.00.Current price is: €14.40.


There’s a change happening in the world of hanging chairs these days. Unseen to the uninitiated, hanging chairs are getting bigger, that is, wider and longer.A bit like that 4 wheel drive diesel Mini in your neighbours drive they are quietly expanding.

There is of course, a reason for this and obviously, it’s about comfort. like an armchair compared to an office chair you will really know the difference when you slouch into it. Check the images to give yourself an idea of the size of it….and then have a look at it’s big sister “The Kingsize” see which one you like.

This is a good outdoor chair as it is 100% synthetic fabric with a good quality bamboo bar. Naturally, we respectfully ask you to take it in for the winter and give the poor thing a break.

There’s also a range of suitable stands and solutions for hanging off ceilings or trees. Have a look at the Compatible products tab below.

Tech Details

Seat width: 1.15m

Seat length: 1.8m

Total height: 1.6m

Length of spreader bar: 1.1m

Minimum required height: 2.1m

Capacity: 130kg

Fabric: polypropolene. Spreader bar: bamboo

Weatherproof: YES

Kid friendly: YES

Machine washable: YES

Compatible Products

This chair is compatible with all stands in the Hanging Chair Stands section.

Also, all products in the Hanging Solutions for Chairs section (although there’s already a swivel fitted, remember).