Cacoon Original – Single

Original price was: €225.00.Current price is: €160.00.


This is the original version of the strikingly handsome Cacoon. Made from a polyester/cotton mix for strength and comfort it can hang from trees, ceilings or one of the two available freestanding stands.

At 1.5m diameter single size is just right for one person or a couple of kids. It is absolutely suitable for outdoor use but we do recommend taking it in after the summer or during high winds.

It comes with a long length or rope with carabiner for hanging and assembly is pretty straightforward. A nice thing to see dangling at the bottom of your garden.

Tech Details

Height: 1.5m
Diameter: 1.5m
Hanging requirements: Ideal 2.7m (headroom) / 2.25m (floor space) / Minimum 2.45m (headroom) / 1.6m (floor space)
Fabric: Cotton/polyester
Ring: Aluminium
Capacity: 200kg