Organic Double Spreader Bar Hammock

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This item: Organic Double Spreader Bar Hammock

Only 4 left in stock

Original price was: €159.00.Current price is: €149.00.
Original price was: €159.00.Current price is: €149.00.
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Absolutely not genetically modified, free from pesticides and growth hormones this ain’t no Frankenhammock, it’s as nature intended and all the better for it.

Indulge yourself in this most classic of spreader bar hammocks, beautifully soft certified organic cotton, hand tied loops and suspension strings and reinforced edges for strength and longevity. It’s natural look white fabric will compliment your happy smile whilst inducing a feeling of serenity and well being.

This spreader bar hammock is wider than many and this is a bonus for all you with a nervous disposition towards falling out of hammocks, the extra width helps stopping it flip as easily as those pesky narrow spreader bar hammocks.

The spreader bars are made from FSC certified sustainable bamboo for better strength and longer life.

The extra suspension strings that this hammock boasts give it the strength and stability to happily accommodate two adults or just one sprawling person if you don’t want to share.

It can be matched with several of of hammock stands or simply tie it up between two trees or whatever you have found and watch the day pass you by.

Tech Details

Overall length: 3.5m

Hangs nicely at 3.5m when ends are 1.15m from ground

Lying surface length: 2.1m

Lying surface width: 1.6m

Length of bar: 1.1m

Capacity: 160kg

Material: 100% organic GOTS certified cotton | spreader bar: bamboo (FSCā„¢ certified)

Weatherproof: NO

Kid Friendly: Pretty safe.

Machine washable: NO, hand wash only.

Made in Colombia

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