An excellent system for hanging Ticket to the Moon hammocks from trees whilst protecting the bark. 2 lengths of 2.6m each with a capacity of 200kg. See product listing for full details.




Do you love your trees? Show you care with this on trend product from our mates at Ticket to the Moon.

Tree friendly straps for hammocks have been around for the last few years and they are growing in popularity, there are good reasons for this.

Unlike rope, hammock straps won’t dig into the bark of a tree and therefore save damaging your wife’s favourite magnolia.

The strength of these straps is impressive, high quality webbing with climbing gear quality stitching using a special process. 

Rated to 200kg with a generous 2.6m for each length this is an excellent product to use with your Ticket to the Moon hammock.

Please note that if you wish to use these Moonstraps in conjunction with a different brand of hammock (typically hammocks have a ring or fabric loop at the ends) then we recommend connecting the straps to the hammock with our carabiners.

Tech Details

2 pieces per set.

Length: 2.6m

Width of strap: 2cm

Capacity: 200kg

Weight: 260g

9 attachment loops

Material: 100% polyester

Compatible Products

All Ticket to the Moon hammocks

Other hammocks when used in conjunction with carabiners.