Discreet Wall Hanging Kit – Pair

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Neat and tidy wall hanging kit made from stainless steel and suitable for brick, concrete or timber walls.  Comes as a pair.

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From our clever friends at Ticket to the Moon we introduce… something for hanging your hammock off walls. And yes, there are several different products on  this website that will do that job, some cheaper some more expensive but this kit’s USP is that it’s sort of really neat. Neat as in small and inobtrusive, if you don’t want your landlord to notice you’ve drilled holes in his walls then this is the product for you.

Made from stainless steel so it won’t rust with a good quality coach-bolt and wall plug it requires only one hole to be drilled. It is suitable for brick, concrete block, timber or even stud wall (you’re going to need to centre it on the stud itself).

This kit is particularly suited for use with Ticket to the Moon hammocks as they have a S hook at the ends which can hook directly into the wall mounting or be used with the Nautical Quality Rope Kit to extend from the hammock to the wall kit.  Hammocks with loops at the ends can also be used with this kit but we recommend using the Carabiner Rope Kit to achieve this.

Tech Details

Set of 2 stainless steel hangers including screws, washers and original Fischer plugs.
You don't need plugs for wooden surfaces, you can screw in the screws directly.
Capacity 100kg

You still need:
1 * Drill
1 x 10mm (3/8”) drill bit
1 x 17mm spanner

1) Find two walls about 9-10 feet apart. If the walls are further apart, you can use additional rope.
2) Check if the wall is stable enough by tapping it.
3) The hooks should be installed at a minimum height of 1.3m. If the distance is more than ten feet, put the hooks higher, otherwise you won't get a 30° angle and you might hit the ground. ;)
4) Now drill a hole in the concrete or stone wall with a 10 mm (3/8”) drill bit, check the depth of the hole with the screw and then clean the drilled hole with a brush or blow out any excess dust with a straw.
5) Carefully insert the plug into the drilled hole.
6) Now screw the screws together with the washer and the hook into the anchor until it is tight.
7) Then attach your ropes or moon straps to the hook and enjoy your TTTM hammock as usual, but sit in carefully the first time and check whether the hooks are securely attached. Please do not hang the aluminum carabiner directly on the hook, otherwise it could be damaged!

Compatible Products

All Ticket to the Moon hammocks.
Other hammocks if used with the Carabiner Rope Kit