Hammock Angel for shortening hammocks



New and genius!

It’s one of life’s small annoyances that sometimes where you want to hang your favourite hammock simply isn’t quite the right distance apart. It’s Oh so easy when your hanging points are a bit too far, just use rope or straps to extend the hammock but what if your trees are too close together or the room is not long enough or even if that beautiful wooden stand you want won’t accommodate the only hammock we have that will match your best dress.

Introducing the Hammock Angel, you can bet it was imagined by a boffin in a hammock with time on their hands. By simply looping the end of the hammock through the angel you can shorten the hammock by 25cm for each end. Told you it was genius.

Inexpensive, easy to use and galvanised for protection from the elements.  Thank you Amazonas.

Sold as a pair.

Tech Details

Length: 22cm
Width: 13cm
Material: Galvanized metal
Capacity: 200kg

Compatible Products

All hammocks.