Complete hanging kit for hammocks


The all in one solution which gives the freedom to hang your hammock in many different circumstances. 2 x hammock hooks suitable for masonry or timber. 2 x adjustable rope with 2m each length, for use on trees or posts or in conjunction with the wall hooks to extend from the wall. 2 x large carabiner for quick and secure attaching from the hammock loop to the rope.

Complete hanging kit for hammocks



Give yourself the best possible chance of hanging your hammock wherever you might want it. An all in kit which allows you to hang your hammock from trees, posts, balcony railings, walls (indoors and out), fences, you name it.  If it stands still long enough………. hang a hammock off it.

By buying this complete kit you save €12 against buying the pieces individually.


1 x nautical quality rope fixing kit (2 x 2m pre-tied lengths)

2 x Carabiners

2 x Single screw hammock hooks


The contents of this hanging kit are designed to allow the user options on how and where to hang their hammock regardless of the type of hammock.

The rope fixing kit is to be used where it is possible to wrap the rope around a suitable object, such as a tree, post, balcony railing etc.

Follow the instructions on the rope fixing kit bag and if needed tie an extra knot in the rope. Adjustment can also be made by moving the rope up or down the tree/post.

Carabiners can be used to make the connection between hammocks that have a loop or ring at the end and the rope.

The hammock hooks are to be used to hang a hammock from a wall, fence or other object that the rope won’t go around. They are suitable for masonry or timber and can be used with or without the rope fixing kit. Follow instructions on the packaging for the hammock hooks.

Tech Details

Rope fixing kit:

2 x 6mm, 8 ply, polypropylene rope
Length: 2m each piece (pre-tied)
Capacity 500kg


Zinc coated steel.
Diameter: 11mm
Length: 120mm
Capacity: 450kg

Hammock hooks:

Zinc coated steel
Diameter: 11mm
Capacity: 120kg
Comes with 12mm nylon wall plug for masonry

Compatible Products

Compatible with all hammocks on this website.