Lightest Straps


A super lightweight and tree friendly hanging kit for Ticket to the Moon hammocks. A combination of tree huggers and UHMPE polyester core rope. 2 lengths, each 2.5m long in their own carry pouch.

Lightest Straps


If you’re like us and mad about cutting edge hammock products (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then you will love this new product from Ticket to the Moon.

Combining a tree hugging strap to protect the bark of trees with a UHMPE polyester core rope these straps achieve a total of 2.5m for each strap whilst weighing only 95g for the set. What’s more, they are strong, strong, strong rated to 200kg, that’s more than many of the full size suspension kits you will find on this website.

Simple to use, there are no knots to tie as the straps work on the same principle as the Moonstraps where the rope end is passed through the sewn loop on the strap end and the hammock attached to the relevant knot on the rope.  The more weight is in the hammock, the tighter the strap gets, once the weight is removed the strap is loose again and can be removed.

Designed primarily with backpackers and hikers in mind it is truly amazing how little these weight. 95 grams dude! Also, check out the Lightest hammock and Lightest Tarp to have your whole hammocking kit in your bag whilst not weighing down one little bit.

Tech Details

Tree-hugger 2 x L 90 cm W 2 cm (100% PES)
Rope 2 x L 1,6 m ø 3 mm (UHMPE)
Weight 95 g
Max. load 200 kg

Compatible Products

All Ticket to the Moon hammocks except the Mammock.

Particularly suited to The Lightest.

Mosquito net.